About the Author

Born in Yorkshire, UK, Tony had a desire to escape his home town with its heavy pollution and uninspiring career paths. This lead him to study forestry and to emigrate to Australia in 1960.

Subsequently, he worked in South Australia and the Australian Capital Territory (ACT) before taking charge of the Nepal Australia forestry project for two years in Kathmandu. He returned to Kathmandu, and worked for FAO’s (Food and Agriculture Organisation of the United Nations) watershed management project. He then had a contract with FAO in Rome, Italy for three years as a project manager in Forest Operations. In 1989, he left the commonwealth public service to become a Forestry Consultant which took him to many countries in Asia and the Pacific.

His experiences overseas led him to ask whether there was a more comprehensive belief system than conventional religions. Eventually he joined the Theosophical Society with its leanings towards eastern religions which provided him with sufficient rules for his everyday life including tolerance of others, awareness of their religious beliefs and the need to investigate the unexplained paths in nature.

His current interests include sentience in plants, living with Parkinson’s, and unusual natural happenings such as precognition.


About this Site

To share with well-wishers/like- minded people views on the three major topics below. These views tend to be rational but often will not be “scientific” due to difficulties in measurement or repeatability. They can often be termed “occult” referring to “knowledge of the paranormal” as opposed to “knowledge of the measurable” – usually referred to as “science”.

Hopefully we will help to close some of the gaps between what occultists accept as “probably true”, based on documented experiences by reliable, well-meaning people and science purists regard as “unproven” and therefore to be ignored, or “one’s disbelief has to be suspended”.

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